Story of Silent People began in 1988

It was in summer 1988 when the Silent people appeared in Suomussalmi for the first time. Reijo Kela, a dancer and a choreographer, created them as a part of his performance Ilmarin kynnös.
The Silent People have visited also Helsinki. In 1994 this hey-headed crowd emerged during one night on the staircase of the Helsinki Cathedral and surprised the passers-by in the morning. The visit to Helsinki lasted only couple of days and was a part of Kainuu Regions call to the capital city.
Then again in 1994 The Silent People played a part in a performance that Reijo Kela and Heikki Laitinen created in Suomussalmi with of group of dancers.
Their current home the Silent People got in the fall of 1994. 
Reijo Kela didn't mean to create such a long lasting art installation but The Silent People decided otherwise and earned their right to exist. Now they create their stroke of magic to everyone driving along the Highway 5 (E63).
The Silent People are dressed twice a year. Their get summer clothing and new heads straight from the field in the beginning of June. Time for winter gear is in late September. 
The clothing is donated by local people and You are welcome to make Your own donation! The Suomussalmi Youth Workshop is reponsible of maintenance of the Silent People.
For more information please contact or Tel:  +358 (0)50 362 0609